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1.From which country does the drink Stella Artois originate?
2.What did Earl John Montagu allegedly invent so that he could eat with one hand while playing cards with the other?
3.Who founded Kentucky Fried Chicken?
4.Which fruit was originally known as the "love apple"?
5.Which drink is advertised with the slogan "made in Scotland from girders"?
6.Founded in Switzerland in 1866 by a German pharmacist, what is the world's largest food company?
7.What was the first line of the Italian song "O Sole Mio" altered to in a long series of TV adverts for a food brand?
8.What is the main alcoholic spirit used to make a Daiquiri cocktail?
9.Which type of food is named after the French for "twice cooked"?
10.Alicante, Cardinal, Cassidy, Niagara and Palamino are all varieties of which fruit?
Tie BreakIn what year was the Big Mac introduced into McDonalds?