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1.Until "Crash" in 2006, which famous film was the only Best Picture Oscar winner to contain none of the letters of "Movie" in its title?
2.In 1998, which director's Oscar acceptance speech included the line "I'm king of the world"?
3.Which three films are tied for winning the most Academy Awards, with 11 Oscars each?
4.And which of these films won an Oscar in every single category it was nominated?
5.From 1989 onwards, the phrase "and the winner is..." on announcing Oscar winners was replaced by which new five word phrase that was intented to give the impression that there were no losers?
6.As at 2006, Which actress has had 13 Oscar nominations, more than any other actress?
7.Which 1981 film is the only Best Picture Oscar winner to contain all of the letters of "Oscar" in its title?
8.In what year was the first ever Academy Awards ceremony held?
9.In 1999, which two actresses received Oscar nominations for playing the role of Elizabeth I, but in different films?
10.As it 2006, who is the most nominated male actor in Oscar history?
Tie BreakWhat is the running length of "War And Peace", the 1968 Best Foreign Language Film winner and the longest film to win an Oscar?