1. What is the most common street name in Britain?
 High Street
2. Which British city has more miles of canal than Venice?
3. The first single to sell over two million copies in Great Britain was written as a tribute to where in Great Britain?
 Mull Of Kintyre
4. Which lake in Great Britain has the largest volume of water?
 Loch Ness
5. In the TV show "Little Britain" what is the name of "the only gay in the village"?
 Daffyd Thomas
6. True or False: Great Britain is one of the top ten largest islands in the world?
 True (it is 8th largest)
7. Who lived "in the top left-hand corner of Wales"?
 Ivor The Engine
8. What is the longest motorway in Great Britain?
9. Which four British cities have hosted the Commonwealth Games?
 London, Edinburgh, Manchester and Cardiff
10. In Britain, which University has more students than any other?
 The Open University
Tie Break According to the 2001 census, how many 21 year olds were resident in Wales?