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Can you answer the following 9 questions and work out the connection between the answers?

1.On which BBC TV show did the plasticine character Morph first appear?
Take Hart
2.Which shop did Anita Roddick open in Brighton in 1976, leading to a highly successful chain of stores now trading in over 40 countries worldwide?
The Body Shop
3.Zola Budd was blamed for the fall of which fellow athlete as they ran together in the 3000 metres final at the 1984 Olympic Games?
Mary Decker
4.Before he left The Beatles, which instrument did Stuart Sutcliffe play in the band?
5.In the Harry Potter books, which London station is the starting point for the Hogwarts Express?
King's Cross
6.What was the title of Mariah Carey's debut single, which was a top ten hit in the UK and a number one in the USA?
Vision Of Love
7.What nationality was the painter Vincent Van Gogh?
8.Which character did Hugo Weaving play in the film "The Matrix"?
Agent Smith
9.With which group did Tony Christie have a top ten hit with in 1999 with the song "Walk Like A Panther"?
All Seeing I
10.What is the connection?
Double (Double Take, Body Double, Double Decker, Double Bass, Double Cross, Double Vision, Double Dutch, Double Agent, Seeing Double)

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