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1.What is the most common gas in the air we breathe?
2.Who is known in history as "the father of computing"?
3.On the Kelvin scale, what is the freezing point of water?
4.In the equation "E = m c squared", what does the letter "c" stand for?
5.What nationality was Robert Bunsen, of whom the Bunsen burner was named after?
6.What is the scientific name for the hip bone?
7.Which annual prizes were established by the legacy of a Swedish chemist?
8.How many kilobytes are there in a megabyte?
9.In what branch of science would a unit of distance called a "Parsec" be used?
10.Which five elements in the periodic table contain only 4 letters in their name?
Tie BreakHow many minutes does it take the Hubble Space Telescope to complete one orbit around the earth?