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Can you answer the following general knowledge questions where the last letter of each answer is the first letter of the next answer?

1.Which town does Ben Nevis overshadow?
2.What is the name of the local farmer who organises the Glastonbury music festival?
3.The pop-punk band Blink 182 get their name from the number of times Al Pacino uses the "f word" in which film?
4."Ultra" was the British code name for which German cipher machine?
5.Who was the first US President to be assassinated?
6.What is the first name of Pace from the comedy duo Hale and Pace?
7.Who was the Roman god of the sea?
8.Anwar Sadat was assassinated in 1981 in which country?
9.What Japanese word means "Loveable Egg"?
10.Which English football team are nicknamed "The Tractor Boys"?