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1.Which nation has won the Eurovision Song Contest more than any other?
2.In 1978, which country became the first to receive "nul points" overall, with their entry "Mil Etter Mil"?
3.Which rule was passed in 1977, which would've meant Abba's "Waterloo" wouldn't have been allowed if the rule was brought in a few years earlier?
4.With which country did Celine Dion win the Eurovision Song Contest in 1988 singing "Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi"?
5.Which act won the Eurovision Song Contest for the United Kingdom singing "Love Shine A Light"?
6.Which of the following UK entries faired best in the Eurovision Contest? Gina G - "Just A Little Bit", Black Lace - "Mary Ann" or Michael Ball - "One Step Out Of Time"?
7."Rip Up Song Patent" is an anagram of which Eurovision winning song for the UK?
8.Who represented Russia in the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest after having a number one hit the previous year in the UK?
9.Which comedian created and played Tony Ferrino, a Portuguese singer who had won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1980 with the song "Papa Bendi"?
10.What was the name of the act comprising of Gemma Abbey and Chris Cromby who became the first UK act to receive no points overall?
Tie BreakAfter the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest, how many times had the United Kingdom finished second?