1. Which Japanese word translates into English as "empty orchestra"?
2. Which phrase was first used in a novel by William Burroughs in 1962 and is now commonly used to describe a type of music?
 Heavy Metal
3. Who first coined the words "madcap", "hobnob" and "swagger"?
 William Shakespeare
4. Used in the English language, which German word means "noisy ghost"?
5. What two word phrase is "Sweeney Todd" Cockney rhyming slang for?
 Flying Squad
6. Which word in the NATO Phonetic Alphabet would score the most points in a game of Scrabble?
 Whiskey (20 points)
7. What does "dot dot dot, dash dash dash, dot dot dot" spell out in Morse Code?
8. Beelzebub is Hebrew for what phrase, which is also the title of a famous novel?
 Lord Of The Flies
9. What three letter word was removed from decimal coins in 1982?
10. Which English word comes from an old French word meaning "sour wine"?
Tie Break In which year was the word "homosexual" first used?