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Can you answer the following general knowledge questions?

1.Which British TV series is set in the town of Denton?
2.Which two letter word can come before `at` and `red` and after `bin` and `man` to produce four new words?
3.By what name is Barbara Millicent Roberts better known?
4.By surface area, what is the largest loch in Scotland?
5.Which U.S. President abolished slavery?
6.Which girls name was extremely uncommon when the book `Peter Pan` was first published, but soon became popular because of the book?
7.Fray Bentos is a town in which South American country?
8.Who committed the first murder in the Bible?
9.Which girls name is mentioned first in the chorus of Lou Bega's hit song `Mambo #5`?
10.Which drink is often referred to as `The Green Fairy`?

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