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1.How many golden stars appear in the circle on the blue background of the flag of the European Union?
2.From which island nation does the lager Red Stripe originate?
3.How many points does a Star of David have?
4.What type of animal is the star of the 2005 film "Racing Stripes"?
5.Who became the first women to win an Oscar for Best Original Song when she did so in 1976 with the film "A Star Is Born"?
6.How many white stripes are there on the flag of the USA?
7.What part did actor James Earl Jones play in the original "Star Wars" film?
8.The White Stripes 2003 hit single "I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself" was originally a hit in 1964 for which female singer?
9.In which city is the hotel Burj al-Arab, which markets itself as "the world's first seven-star hotel"?
10.What two colours were the stripes of Newcastle United's original football kit, before they changed it in 1904 to avoid confusion with another nearby football club?
Tie BreakHow many times has the flag known as the "stars and stripes" been changed since it was first adopted by 13 American states?