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Can you answer the following 9 general knowledge questions and then work out the connection between the answers?

1.Which female TV character is constantly trying to outdo her neighbours the Barker-Finches on Blossom Avenue?
2.After the breakup of the Beatles, which of their songs did John Lennon claim was the first ever heavy metal song, and is also the song on which Paul McCartney played lead guitar for the first time?
3.Which 1984 ZX Spectrum computer game was the sequel to the game "Manic Miner" which was released a year earlier?
4.Which chemical element has a symbol in the periodic table that is derived from the Latin name Aurum?
5."T'rific" is the autobiography of which ex-Eastenders star?
6.Which actor has been engaged to Sherilyn Fenn, Kate Moss and Jennifer Grey?
7.Which colour of the rainbow is an amethyst?
8.Who led the first successful expedition to the South Pole?
9.Under what name did Roman Emperor Gaius Octavius become best known, which a month of the year was later named after?
10.Which famous novel provides a link with the previous nine answers?

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