Questions - Answers


1.The Saint
2.Mrs Thursday
3.Till Death Us Do Part
4.Adam Adamant Lives
5.The Man In Room 17
6.George And The Dragon
7.Late Night Lineup
8.Top of the Pops
10.Inside George Webley
11.The First Lady
12.Coronation Street
13.Our Man At Saint Mark's
14.Z Cars
15.Sir Francis Drake
16.The Strange Report
17.Seven Up
19.Double Your Money
20.The Larkins
21.Front Page Story
22.Life With Cooper
23.Stars and Garters
26.Man Of The World
27.The Protectors
29.The Rag Trade
30.Pardon The Expression
31.All Gas and Gaiters
32.Not In Front Of The Children
33.The Frost Report
34.Meet The Wife
35.Out of the Unknown
36.Not Only, But Also
37.The Gnomes of Dulwich
38.Sunday Night at the London Palladium
39.Never Mind The Quality, Feel The Width
40.The Plane Makers
41.Fire Crackers
42.No Hiding Place
44.Deadline Midnight
45.The Forsyte Saga
46.Cathy Come Home
48.The Champions
49.Citizen James
50.Opportunity Knocks
51.The Royal Family
52.Ghost Squad
53.That Was The Week That Was
54.Dr Who
55.The Baron
56.The Prisoner
57.Our House
58.Beggar My Neighbour
59.The Likely Lads
60.Joe 90
61.Ready Steady Go!
62.The Odd Man
63.It's A Square World
64.Take Your Pick
65.Curry and Chips
66.Dr Finlay's Casebook
67.The Troubleshooters
68.Police Surgeon
69.Man In A Suitcase
70.Zero One
71.Thank Your Lucky Stars
72.Here's Harry
73.All Our Yesterdays
74.The Avengers
76.The Marriage Lines
77.Juke Box Jury
78.Hugh and I
79.A Little Big Business
80.A for Andromeda
81.The Bed-Sit Girl
84.The Count of Monte Cristo
85.Steptoe and Son
86.Danger Man
87.Gideon's Way
88.The Human Jungle
89.Criss Cross Quiz
90.Do Not Adjust Your Set
91.Bootsie and Snudge
92.Department S
93.The Worker
94.Five O'Clock Club
95.On The Braden Beat
96.Probation Officer
97.The Rat Catchers
98.Emergency Ward 10
99.Sergeant Cork
100.24 Hours