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1.In horseracing, if all the racecourses in Britain were listed alphabetically, which would come first?
2.What is the male equivalent of the tournament played by women that was originally called the Federation Cup and is now called the Fed Cup?
3.In football, who was Liverpool's captain when they first won the European cup final in 1977?
4.In golf, the U.S. Masters is played at Augusta, but in which state is Augusta?
5.On a darts board, what number is diagonally opposite 19?
6.Which sport was the subject of the 1963 film "This Sporting Life"?
7.Which sport, of Celtic origin, uses a ball called a sliotar?
8.With which sport would you associate Greg Le Mond?
9.Ignoring the words "football" and "club", which is the only team in the 2006/07 Premiership whose name contains all of the letters from the phrase "red card"?
10.Steve Davis reached every final of the Snooker World Championship between 1983 and 1989, but who were the two players who beat him?
Tie BreakThe first set of rules for the sport of Boxing, the London Prize Ring rules, were introduced in which year?