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1.In Greek legend, what is the name given to the creature that is half man and half bull?
2.Based on characters from Greek mythology, the 1963 film "Jason And The Argonauts" is centred around a quest to find what?
3.According to legend, who rid Ireland of snakes?
4.According to Roman mythology, which twins founded Rome?
5.In Greek mythology, what name is given to the monsters with sharp fangs and hair of living snakes?
6.According to legend, who rode through the streets of Coventry naked and was seen by someone called Tom, leading to the phrase "Peeping Tom"?
7.In Greek mythology who died when he flew too close to the sun and the wax holding together his artificial wings melted?
8.What was the name of the 1963 Disney film that featured the legendary characters of Merlin and King Arthur?
9.Sharing her name with a brand of margarine, who was the Roman goddess of flowers and the season of spring?
10.Who was the chief God in Norse mythology?