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1.Which act has had more Christmas number one singles than any other?
2.According to the song "Frosty The Snowman", what were Frosty's eyes made out of?
3.Which Christmas song won an Oscar for Best Song at the 1942 Academy Awards?
4.The first line of the song "Do They Know It's Christmas?" by Band Aid was originally intended for which singer, who finally got to sing it during Live Aid?
5.Which Christmas song includes the line "It seems so long since I could say 'sister Susie sitting on a thistle'"?
6.In 1965, which Christmas song became the first song to be broadcast from space?
7.In 1987, the Pogues featuring Kirsty MacColl were denied a Christmas Number One with the song "Fairytale Of New York". Which song kept them at number 2 with Pogues singer Shane McGowan saying "we were beaten by two queens and a drum machine"?
8.From which animated short film does the song "Walking In The Air" come?
9.In the song "Twelve Days Of Christmas", what are there 11 of?
10.In 1986, whose song was Christmas number one in the UK, 2 years after he had died?