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Can you answer the following general knowledge questions below, where each question or answer has some sort of connection with the weather?

1.Who played Ororo Munroe, a.k.a. Storm, in the 2000 film X-Men?
2.Which sport would you associate Toby Flood with?
3.For which 1908 novel is author Kenneth Grahame best known?
4.Which long-running children's TV show originally featured puppets called Sunshine and Moony?
5.Named after a character he played in a 1969 film, what is the name of the ski resort in Utah that Robert Redford bought in 1968?
6.With which snooker player would you associate the nickname the Hurricane?
7.Which group teamed up with Baddiel and Skinner for the 1996 number one hit "3 Lions"?
8.What was the name of Tintin's dog?
9.Who had a number one hit in 1962 with the song "Telstar"?
10.In which film does Nicole Kidman play a brain surgeon called Claire Lewicki?