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1.The Gunpowder Plot was an attempt to kill which English King?
2.In which country did fireworks originate?
3.Who wrote the novel The Bonfire Of The Vanities?
4.What was the purpose of the original wheel that Catherine Wheel fireworks were named after? Bathing, Torture or Heating Rooms?
5.What is the name of the substance with the chemical formula KNO3 that is a component of gunpowder?
6.Which 2006 film, starring Natalie Portman, featured a modern day Guy Fawkes character plotting to destroy the Houses of Parliament?
7.Which is the only property on a Monopoly board that doesn't contain any of the letters from "Bonfire" in its name?
8.In what year was Guy Fawkes executed?
9.With the initials R.C., what was the name of the leader of the men involved in the Gunpowder Plot?
10.Also with the initials R.C., what name is given to the firework that consists of a tube sending out a shower of sparks and a succession of coloured balls of fire?