Car Models

Can you answer the following general knowledge questions below, where each answer has a car model in its title?

1What is the only sport where left-handed play is banned?
2Which one word describes a book title by Frederick Forsyth, a class of British escort carrier and a role played by Diana Rigg in the 1960s?
3Former Big Brother contestant Jade Goody believed which area of the UK was abroad?
4What is the name of the planned rail service that will carry spectators from central London to the Olympic Park in 7 minutes.
5Gracie Fields owned a villa on which island?
6What is the musical term for “quick or lively”?
7Which one word describes a Yorkshire TV documentary series of the 1970s, a space shuttle, and a number one album by ELO?
8What name is specifically given to a Mediterranean wind that comes from the Sahara and reaches hurricane speeds in North Africa and Southern Europe?
9In rowing, what is the name of the short-sleeved T-shirt with a front opening, where the opening and sleeve ends are trimmed in the colours of the club?
10Which animal has varieties called trapdoor, yellow sac, and chinese bird?