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Can you answer the following quiz questions on the theme of Christmas?

1.According to tradition, eating at least one what on each of the 12 days of Christmas is thought to bring luck for the coming year?
Mince pie
2.Which country is the largest exporter of Christmas trees?
3.Which Christmas movie was centred around the mishaps of the Griswold family?
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
4.In the famous Christmas carol, what line follows “God rest ye merry Gentlemen”?
Let nothing you dismay
5.Who had a top ten hit single in 1956 with I'm Walking Backwards For Christmas?
The Goons
6.A special Christmas episode of which TV show saw Santa's reindeer killed and replaced by new reindeer called Steven, Fluffy, Horace, Chantel, Skippy, Rainbow, Patches and Montel?
South Park
7.In Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, how many children does Bob Cratchit have?
8.According to the lyrics of the famous Christmas song, what was Frosty The Snowman's nose made from?
A button
9.Christmas Island is a territory of which country?
10.What was the title of Cliff Richard's last Christmas number one single?
Saviour's Day
Tie BreakIn what year were the first commercial Christmas cards commissioned?