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Can you answer the following quiz questions on the theme of things that have been banned?

1.The 1970 Kinks hit Lola was banned from BBC radio until the lyrics were changed slightly, as it was deemed to be advertising which product?
2.Which book by Alice Walker was banned by the American Library Association for racism, but was later turned into a sucessful movie directed by Steven Spielberg?
3.Whick tennis star was handed a two year ban after testing positive for cocaine at Wimbledon in 2007?
4.Written by former MI5 operative Peter Wright, which book was banned by the British government in 1987?
5.Who had a hit in 1972 with Hi Hi Hi, which was banned by the BBC for its "suggestive" lyrics?
6.Which movie, directed by Stanley Kubrick and released in 1972, was withdrawn from UK cinemas a year later because of copycat sexual violence?
7.Who wrote the novel Lady Chatterley`s Lover, which was famously banned in the UK for breaking obscenity laws?
8.Which novel by James Joyce was banned in 1922 under obscenity laws?
9.Which Anna Sewell novel was banned in some countries because of the word "black" in its title?
10.Who was the female vocalist alongside Serge Gainsbourg on the song Je t’aime, which was banned by the BBC in 1969 for sexual references?