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Can you answer the following quiz questions on the theme of St Patrick`s Day?

1.Shortly before his death in 1900, which famous Irishman was quoted as saying "My wallpaper and I are fighting a duel to the death - one or other of us has got to go" ?
2.True or False: St Patrick's Day is a public holiday in the Republic of Ireland?
3.Who sang for Ireland when they first won the Eurovision Song Contest?
4.What features in the bottom right corner of the flag of the city of Montreal to represent the Irish population in the city?
5.Which Irish horse racing jockey won the English Grand National in 2000 on his first attempt on a horse called Papillon?
6.What was the profession of the legendary Irish figure Molly Malone?
7.Born in Ireland in 1976, which actor played Sonny Crockett in the 2006 movie version of Miami Vice?
8.The Easter Rising was a rebellion staged in Ireland in Easter Week of which year?
9.Born in Belfast in 1945, who was the lead singer of the group Them, who had hits including Baby Please Don't Go and Here Comes The Night?
10.Name either of the two centuries in which St Patrick was alive?