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Can you decipher the following clues to come up with the names of 10 famous pop groups and singers?

1.Isolate quins
Maroon 5
2.Pan's nemesis gets a PhD
Dr Hook
3.Fair in other words
Blondie ("Blond" "i.e.")
4.Short amplification device in antique region
Mike Oldfield
5.Half a confection with high spirits loses light metal
Bon Jovi (half of "bon bon" plus "jovial" without "Al")
6.Lecter, Krueger and Bates
The Killers
7.Aaron, Bartholomew, Cecilia, Declan, Eligus, Filan and George
All Saints
8.Crazy about sodium
Madonna ("Mad" "on" "Na")
9.Walker or Rogers has sphere and one male offspring
Roy Orbison ("Roy" "orb" "I" "son")
10.North south road meets first and last vitamins
Mika ("M1" "k" "a")