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1.What type of animal lives in a sett?
2.True or False: Vampire bats feed on blood?
3.What is the more common name for the bird that is sometimes called the goatsucker?
4.Short-eared, long-eared, little, and horned are all types of which bird?
5.In a famous song that was first published in 1940, what type of bird sang in Berkeley Square?
6.What nocturnal creature links a TV broadcasting network, a type of Volkswagen and the nickname of Leicester Football Club?
7.How many species of bat are there in the UK? 7, 17 or 77?
8.Native to Madagascar, which nocturnal primate has a bony elongated finger that it uses to tap on trees to find its food?
9.Heath Ledger plays which character in the 2008 film The Dark Knight?
10.Death`s-head, large yellow underwing, tiger, and peppered are all types of which creature?