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1.By what stage name did William Claude Dukenfield achieve fame?
W. C. Fields
2.Who received an Oscar nomination for Best Original Song from the film “Live and Let Die”?
Paul McCartney
3.Who starred in the title role in the 1968 Film “The Boston Strangler”?
Tony Curtis
4.Who narrated the children’s television series “Thomas The Tank Engine And Friends”?
Ringo Starr
5.Which author's works included The Pit And The Pendulum and The Raven?
Edgar Allan Poe
6.Who received $3.7 million for two weeks work for his part in the 1978 film Superman?
Marlon Brando
7.Who, having been an Olympic swimming champion achieved fame in a second career and was famous for his ululating yell?
Johnny Weissmuller
8.Whose scandalous affair with Lord Alfred Douglas eventually led to imprisonment?
Oscar Wilde
9.Which scientist was Time magazine’s “Person of the 20th Century”?
Albert Einstein
10.What is the connection between these 9 people?
They are all featured on the cover of the Beatles album "Sgt Pepper"

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