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1.Pirate Edward Teach was better known by what nickname?
2.What nickname was given to the 7th Armoured Division in 1940?
3.US outlaw Henry McCarty was better known by what nickname?
4.Which US State is known as “Mount Rushmore State”.
5.Which Chelsea footballer of the 60s and 70s was given the nickname Chopper?
6.What nickname has been given to Indian bowler Harbhajan Singh?
7.Which British Prime Minister was nicknamed The Grocer in Private Eye?
8.Which American golfer is affectionately called "The Walrus" for his portly build and his ample moustache?
9.What was the real name of the Birdman of Alcatraz?
10.What was the nickname given to premiership footballer Neil Ruddock?

quiz kindly submitted by Fraenulum on 25th November 2008