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1.The letters BSA stand for what?
2.What motorcycle has three crossed tuning forks as its emblem?
3.Famous for its V-twins, what American motorcycle manufacturer started producing machines in 1903?
4.The Ducati is manufactured in which city and what country?
5.The ‘Bonneville’ is made by whom?
6.What famous marque of motorcycle was Lawrence of Arabia riding when he was tragically killed in Dorset in 1936?
7.The Black Shadow and Black Prince are two motorcycle models made in the 1950’s, by whom?
8.What motorcycle has a ‘stylised’ propeller as its tank badge?
9.Which company makes the motorcycle called the Valkyrie?
10.How many gears do the motorcycles used in speedway have?

quiz kindly submitted by The Count on 1st December 2008