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1.The Pogues lead singer Shane MacGowan was born on Christmas Day in 1957. Which female singer featured on their 1987 Christmas single?
2.On Christmas Day 1977, Menachem Begin of Israel met with Anwar Sadat of Egypt to start peace talks. Which one of them was celebrating their birthday that day?
3.Humphrey Bogart, who was born on Christmas Day 1899, said the line “Here’s looking at you kid.” In which film?
4.Charlie Chaplin who died on Christmas Day in 1977, co founded which film studio along with Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks?
5.Born on Christmas Day in 1944, by what stage name was the broadcaster Maurice Cole better known?
6.What is the more common name for the plant viscum album?
7.Comedian Jerry Lewis formed a double act with which actor who died on Christmas Day in 1995?
8.Former communist dictator Nicolae Ceauşescu, was executed on Christmas Day in 1989. Which country did he once control?
9.If you were born on Christmas Day, what would your star sign be?
10.The American comedian and actor William Claude Dukenfield, died on Christmas Day in 1946. How was he better known?

quiz kindly submitted by Canine Plums on 3rd December 2008