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1.Wayne Rooney signed for Manchester United from which other Premiership Club?
2.B.O.A.C. are the initials of which airline?
British Overseas Airways Corporation
3.Does the Bactrian camel have one hump, or two?
4.Where is the world's largest four-faced chiming clock?
The Clock Tower on the Palace of Westminster in London (note: it is not Big Ben, as this is the nickname for the bell)
5.Concerned about the impact of uncontrolled development and industrialisation, what National Charity was founded in 1895 by three Victorian philanthropists, Miss Octavia Hill, Sir Robert Hunter and Canon Hardwicke Rawnsley?
The National Trust
6.What famous make of motorcycle was Lawrence of Arabia riding when he was tragically killed in Dorset in 1936?
Brough Superior
7.What colour of flag should a ship fly to show it is in quarantine?
8.Purple Brittlegill, Velvet Shank and Orange Milkcap are three types of what?
9.Who were Tom and Barbara’s neighbours in The Good Life?
Margo and Jerry Leadbetter
10.In Cockney Rhyming slang what are your `Daisy Roots`?