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Each question lists three shows, which are linked by one actor or actress. Name them.

1.The Good Life, Brothers In Law, Ever Decreasing Circles?
2.Just William, The Hot Shoe Show, Cats?
3.William And Mary, Men Behaving Badly, Doc Martin?
4.Sunburn, Eastenders, Two Thousand Acres Of Sky?
5.Coronation Street, Dinnerladies, Mrs Henderson Presents?
6.Butterflies, As Time Goes By, The Fall And Rise Of Reginald Perrin?
7.Father Ted, My Hero, Blessed?
8.One Foot In The Grave, Rentaghost, Only When I Laugh?
9.The Avengers, The Upper Hand, Goldfinger?
10.In which TV programme have all 9 of the above made appearances? (As an extra clue, so have Nicholas Parsons, Frank Windsor, Beryl Reid, Lynda Baron, Zoe Wannamaker, June Brown, Gareth Hunt, Jean Marsh and Barbara Windsor).

quiz kindly submitted by Fraenulum on 9th December 2008