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1.What is the river Ganga called in Bangladesh?
2.The Yalu river forms a sort of natural border between China and which of its neighbours?
3.Chaetophobia is the fear of what?
4.Winston Churchill married Clementine in 1908, but what was her maiden name?
5.Who wrote Twenty Years Before The Mast?
6.Who said `I never forget a face, but in your case I'll be glad to make an exception`?
7.How many pints does a ten gallon hat hold?
8.Who was murdered by Fitzurse, de Tracy, de Morville and Le Breton ?
9.Who said `Bigamy is having one husband too many, monogamy is the same`?
10.What procedure removes the threat of brucellosis from milk?

quiz kindly submitted by Jurist on 9th December 2008