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Can you work these out? E.g. 7 W of the W is & Wonders of the World

1.64 S on a C B
64 squares on a chess board
2.12 D of C
12 days of christmas
3.7 H P B
7 Harry Potter books
4.23 P of C in a H B
23 pairs of chromosomes in a Human body
5.200 P for P G in M
200 pounds for passing go in Monopoly
6.38 P by S
38 plays by Shakespeare
7.4 L on a L C
4 leaves on a lucky clover
8.M E is 29028 F H
Mount Everest is 29028 feet high
9.650 S in the H of C
650 seats in the House of Commons
10.9 L of a C
9 Lives of a cat