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1.Who presented Ask The Family in the 1970s?
Robert Robinson
2.Who took over as presenter of Countdown from Des O`Connor in 2009?
Jeff Stelling
3.Which Radio 4 comedy panel game has run since 1972, but did not air in 2008 following the death of it`s presenter?
I`m sorry, I haven`t a clue (Humphrey Littleton)
4.Bob Holness presented the TV quiz show Blockbusters in the 1980s, but name either of the two presenters of the less popular 1997 or 2000 versions?
Michael Aspel and Lisa Tarbuck
5.In which show in 1975 did the contestants answer every question "Che Guevara", "Marx", "Trotsky" or "Lenin", in the hope of making the show unbroadcastable?
University Challenge (University of Manchester)
6.What answer did Major Charles Ingram give to his 1m question?
Googol (A number one followed by one hundred zeros)
7.Of all the team captains on Question Of Sport since 1970, who has been the longest serving?
Bill Beaumont, 14 years, 1982-1996
8.Who presented Family Fortunes in the two years between Bob Monkhouse and Les Dennis?
Max Bygraves
9.Who joined the Eggheads team in 2008, having won Are You An Egghead?
Barry Simmons
10.Mastermind has been presented by Magnus Magnusson and John Humphreys, but who hosted the version on Radio 4, 1998 to 2000?
Peter Snow