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Answer nine general knowledge questions and then work out the connection between these answers.

1.Who was the first man to swim the English Channel?
Captain Matthew Webb
2.What city, famous for its ‘black hole’ is the Capital of West Bengal, and the third largest in India?
3.The second closest planet to the sun is what?
4.Who was the first professional footballer to be knighted?
Stanley Matthews
5.Au is the chemical symbol for what?
6.A dry red wine produced in the Bordeaux region of France is frequently known as a what?
7.Leonard Rossiter and Joan Collins advertised what drink in the 1970s?
Cinzano Bianco
8.What car manufacturer produces the Shogun?
9.This British tree is used to make hockey sticks, oars, paddles, rudders, billiard cues, cricket stumps, polo sticks and policemen's truncheons?
The Ash
10.What is the connection?
Sporting Trophies - William Webb Ellis Trophy, Calcutta Cup, Venus Rosewater Dish, The Stanley Cup, The Gold Cup, The Claret Jug, The Cinzano Trophy, Mitsubishi Motors Trophy, The Ashes.

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