1. The sequel to the movie Mad Max was called Mad Max 2, but what was the third in the series called?
 Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome
2. Who wrote the Bourne trilogy of books, made into movies starring Matt Damon?
 Robert Ludlum
3. Noah had 3 sons, Ham and Shem were 2, who was the other?
4. Who recorded 3 albums in the 1970s, which became known as the Berlin Trilogy?
 David Bowie (Heroes, Lodger & Low were recorded in Berlin)
5. In mythology, what was the name of the 3-headed dog that guarded the gates to Hades?
6. In education, which of the 3 Rs is the only one with correct spelling?
7. What is the translation of 3rd Reich.
 3rd Empire (after the Roman and Prussian Empires)
8. The Bible tells of 3 wise men visiting Jesus after his birth, but in which of the Gospels does this appear?
9. The Ironman event consists of 3 elements - a marathon, swimming, and which other?
10. Athos and Porthos are two of the 3 musketeers, name the other one.
 Aramis (D’Artagnan is the friend of the 3)