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1.What is the name for the pinkish corner of the eye?
The caruncula
2.What is the name of the small fifth claw called on the side of a dog's foot ?
The dewclaw
3.What is the name for the white half moon shape on your fingers?
a lunula
4.What is the "crease" between your lips and your nose called?
The philtrum
5.What is the name for the revolving spikey wheel on the end of a cowboy's spurs called?
A rowel
6.What is the name of the plastic bit on the end of shoelaces?
An aglet
7.What is the name of the cardboard holder used to carry hot coffee paper cups?
A zarf
8.If a quaver is an 8th note in music, what is a 64th note called?
A hemidemisemiquaver
9.What is the dot called above an 'i' or 'j' called?
A tittle
10.What is each individual prong of a fork called?
A tine