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1.Change the first letter in the surname of a famous jockey to get the surname of a famous New Zealand cricketer. What‘s the name of the jockey and the cricketer.
2.Which rock group had 4 members, all of whom are dead, one of whom was assassinated?
3.Which comedian and member of the radio show the Goons had the line ‘I told you I was ill’ engraved on his grave stone?
4.What was unusual about the Austrian concert pianist Paul Wittgenstein?
5.Which two words, allegedly heard for the first time in the song Born to be Wild by Steppenwolf, describe a style of rock music?
6.Where would you most likely be headed if you were in a tumbrel during the French revolution?
7.How did Olivia overtake Grace in 2008?
8.Three second hand vehicles were put on the market in December 2008 for £27m each. What are they?
9.What Olympic sport is derived from the Greek word for naked?
10.If you are a Greek man and wear a fustenella what kind of garment would you be wearing?

quiz kindly submitted by John Barthram on 13th January 2009