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1.Jacqui Smith was appointed Home Secretary in June 2007, but who did she succeed?
2.Delia Smith is associated with which football league club?
3.Author Wilbur Smith was born and lived most of his life in which country?
4.Dr Smith was the cowardly troublemaker in “Lost in Space”. What was his first name?
5.Anna Nicole Smith was controversially married to which oil billionaire?
6.Liz Smith played which role in “The Royle Family”?
7.On what piece of equipment would you perform a “Smith Grind”?
8.Smith & Wesson manufacture what?
9.What was Will Smith’s character's name in “Men in Black”?
10.James Todd Smith, born 1968, is an American award winning rapper and actor. What is he better known as?

quiz kindly submitted by Fraenulum on 16th January 2009