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1.Who had a hit single in 1991 with The One And Only?
2.BBC 2 started its programming on 20 April, in which year? 1954, 1959 or 1964?
3.Who wrote The Three Musketeers?
4.The Sign Of Four was a detective story written by which author?
5.In which decade was Chanel No 5 launched?
6.In what year was the first Six Nations Championship played?
7.Who directed the 1960 film The Magnificent Seven?
8.What was given by "my true love" on the eighth day of Christmas?
9.Traditionally, which player in a rugby league team wore the number nine shirt?
10.The novel written by Agatha Christie that was renamed for political correctness in 1940 as Ten Little Indians has again been renamed. How is this story now titled?

quiz kindly submitted by Arthur on 20th January 2009