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1.The character Dr Frasier Crane first appeared in which US sitcom?
2.Which 1964 movie saw Peter Sellars utter the words “You can’t fight in here Gentlemen… this is a War Room”?
3.Name the doctor whose experiments usually ended in his assistant Beaker getting harmed.
4.Two different doctors appear in Diagnosis Murder, and Grey’s Anatomy, but have the same name. What is it?
5.What was Dr No’s first name?
6.Which animated programme for children saw Peter Ustinov voice a character who invented a housekeeping robot, a time machine, and a machine that restored the colours of the rainbow?
7.What was the name of the doctor played by Harrison Ford in the movie The Fugitive?
8.What was the nickname of Dr Leonard McCoy in the original Star Trek series?
9.Who played the lead part of Dr Malcolm Crowe in the movie Sixth Sense?
10.What is the first name of Dr House, played by Hugh Lawrie?

quiz kindly submitted by Fraenulum on 13th February 2009