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1.In what year did the first Red Nose Day take place?
2.Before Red Nose Day there were two comic relief records. What was the first one called and who was it by?
3.On Red Nose Day 2001 who won Celebrity Big Brother?
4.The Stonk was the Red Nose Day single of 1991. Which comedy duo performed it?
5.Which Beatles song did Bananarama featuring La Na Nee Nee Noo Noo cover for Red Nose Day in 1989?
6.Who played Harry Potter in a sketch for Red Nose Day in 2003?
7.In a Little Britain sketch for Red Nose Day in 2007, who played Vicky Pollard's sister?
8.In 2007, a whole sketch entitled A Question Of Comedy was filmed but never shown due to which contestant being at the centre of controversy on another TV show?
9.What was the title of the 1995 Red Nose Day single featuring Eric Clapton?
10.Islands In The Stream is 2009's Red Nose Day single. Name all of the artists.

quiz kindly submitted by james bridge on 16th February 2009