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1.What is Dr Doom's first name?
2.Ben Grimm is better known by what name?
The Thing
3.Who plays Colonel Nick Fury in the film Iron Man?
Samuel L. Jackson
4.What is the name of the newspaper that Peter Parker works for?
The Daily Bugle
5.What two names has Barbara Gordon been better known by?
Bat Girl and The Oracle
6.Who is Kal-El better known as?
7.Whose arch nemisis is the Red Skull?
Captain America's
8.Who played Nick Fury in the made for TV movie of the same name?
David Hasselhoff
9.By what name is comic book villain Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot better known?
The Penguin
10.What is the name of the doctor of which the Incredible Hulk is the alter-ego?
Bruce Banner