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1.Which movie sees Jack Lemmon and Tont Curtis dressed as women in an all girl band?
Some Like It Hot
2.In which of Shakespeares plays does the character Viola pose as a boy, Cesario?
Twelfth Night
3.Barry Humphries plays Dame Edna Everage, but which character does he plays as the "Australian Cultural Attache"?
Sir Les Patterson
4.Who plays the killer in the 1960 film Psycho where he dresses in his mothers clothes?
Anthony Perkins
5.Which character in the TV series MASH dresses as a woman in an attempt to be dismissed from the army?
6.Which movie starred Michael Caine as a murderous transvestite psychiatrist?
Dressed To Kill
7.Which 1970 hit for the Kinks was about a young mans experience with a transvestite in a bar?
Lola ("Well Im not dumb but I cant understand why she walked like a woman and talked like a man")
8.Which male actor played a female soap star in the film Tootsie?
Dustin Hoffman.
9.Which British comedian describes himself as an "executive transvestite"?
Eddie Izzard
10.The film Mrs Doubtfire, starring Robin Williams in the title role, was set in a Victorian property known as one of the "painted ladies". In which city is this tourist attraction?
San Francisco