1. Who is the Celtic sun-god?
2. What was renamed as BBC Radio 4 in 1967?
 BBC Home Service
3. What is the brightest star in our celestial sphere?
 Sirus (The Dog Star)
4. How many symphonies did Mozart compose?
5. Who wrote Principia Mathematica, published in 1687?
 Isaac Newton
6. In Greek mythology who was the twin of Polydeuces?
7. What can you do if you have scotopic vision?
 See in the dark
8. What are the dry constituents of dry Martini?
 Gin and Vermouth
9. In music, the B-52s were formed in which year? 1976, 1980 or 1984?
10. Who deposed Richard II in 1399?
 Henry (Bolingbroke) IV