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1.Which economist wrote The Wealth Of Nations?
Adam Smith
2.The Declaration of Arbroath was signed in which century?
14th (1320)
3.Where in Scotland was the famous Irish manuscript The Book Of Kells illuminated?
4.Who was the last British monarch to have been born in Scotland?
Charles I (born in Fife in 1600)
5.Macbeth belonged to which royal house or dynasty?
House of Dunkeld
6.Was James II known as: James The Bald, Fiery Face, or The Red King?
Fiery Face
7.During which century was Sir Walter Scott born?
18th (1771)
8.James IV was killed during which battle?
Flodden Field (1513)
9.Thought by many to be the place where the Industrial Revolution was born, in which park was James Watt taking a stroll when he came up with the idea of his improved steam engine?
Glasgow Green
10.Architect of the Battle Of Britain victory, Air Chief Marshal Sir Hugh Dowding was born in what borders town?