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1.The capital city of the U.S.A. is Washington DC. What to the letters D.C. represent in this case?
2.Which Dutch airline merged with Air France in 2004?
3.If your suitcase had an airline luggage tag with the letters LAX, to which town or city would you be travelling?
4.What three letter abbreviation is given to the 4 km wide stretch of land between North and South Korea?
5.Which country has the international vehicle registration M?
6.Before breaking up, how was the Union of Soviet Socialist Rebublics abbreviated in Russian, using the Russian Cyrillic alphabet?
7.If the UK has the internet top-level domain suffix .uk, which country uses the letters .is?
8.PNG is often used as an abbreviation for which country?
9.The UK postcode area starting CA takes its letters from which town or city?
10.In which country does OPEC maintain its headquarters?

quiz kindly submitted by Arthur on 24th March 2009