1. Name the character played by Anthony Perkins in Hitchcock’s 1960 movie, Psycho.
 Norman Bates
2. Ming the Merciless is the arch-enemy of which comic book hero?
 Flash Gordon
3. In which 1987 movie thriller did Glenn Close "boil a bunny"?
 Fatal Attraction
4. Who is the arch-enemy of Inspector Gadget?
 Dr. Claw
5. What name was given to the serial killer sought by Clarice Starling in Silence of the Lambs?
 Buffalo Bill (with the help of Hanibal Lecter)
6. What is the full name of the train robber played by Phil Collins in a 1988 movie?
 Buster Edwards
7. Uma Thurman plays which enemy of Batman in the 1997 movie Batman And Robin?
 Poison Ivy
8. Which villainous soap character is played by John Altman?
 "Nasty" Nick Cotton
9. Rene Belloq is the arch-enemy of which movie hero?
 Indiana Jones
10. Which iconic movie villain was played by a wrestler with the professional name of Tosh Togo?