From these clues, can you work out the French words and sayings that are used in English conversation. For example, the correct answer to "a funeral procession" would be "cortege".
1. A file containing detailed information about a person?
2. A private conversation between two people?
3. A mixture of flour and fat cooked together and used as a thickening base?
4. A form of horse training?
5. A socially embarrassing action or mistake?
 Faux pas
6. A blending of pictures, scenes, or sounds?
 Montage (note a collage is a picture with pasted images)
7. A duet in ballet?
 Pas de deux
8. A large, often ornate cabinet or wardrobe?
9. The range of skills of a person or group?
10. Supplies and equipment, particularly in a military context?