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1.Which Jackson has starred in Star Wars, Pulp Fiction, and Snakes On A Plane?
2.What was the surname of the butler played by Gordon Jackson in Upstairs Downstairs?
3.Thomas Jonathan Jackson was a confederate general during the American Civil War. By what name was he better known?
4.Who had a UK hit in 1979 with Is She Really Going Out With Him?
5.Which Jackson appeared in Celebrity Big Brother in January 2009?
6.Which Jackson was an influential American abstract artist who died in 1956?
7.Who was the seventh president of the United States?
8.Glenda Jackson has won two Oscars for her roles in which movies?
9.Colin Jackson once held the world record in which athletics event?
10.What was the name of the character played by Kate Jackson in Charlies Angels?

quiz kindly submitted by Fraenulum on 9th April 2009