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1.In the painting called Self Portrait With Bandaged Ear by Van Gogh, is Van Gogh's left ear or right ear bandaged?
2.Where in the human body would you find the scaphoid bone?
In the wrist
3.Which organ of the human body does hepatitis affect?
4.The left side of the heart pumps blood to all parts of the body, but the right side pumps blood to which organ in particular?
The lungs
5.What are the four basic categories of taste that a human can detect?
Salty, Sweet, Sour and Bitter
6.How many muscles are there in total in an average human's set of fingers?
None (the muscles are in the palm and the wrist)
7.How many pairs of chromosomes are there in the human body?
8.Where in the human body is the only bone that is not attached to any other bone?
In the neck (the hyoid bone)
9.What common name is given to those who suffer from kyphosis?
10.What name is given to the only muscle in the human body that is only attached at one end?
The tongue