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The answers to all of these questions is either St. Andrew, St. David, St. George or St. Patrick

1.Who is the only one of the four saints to have been born in the country of the British Isles that he would later become patron saint for?
2.According to legend, which of our patron saints us drove out all the snakes from the country he is patron saint of?
3.Which of our patron saints is thought to have been born in Palestine in the late third century and became a soldier in the Roman army?
4.Which of our patron saints is also a patron saint in Russia, Romania and Greece?
5.Which of our patron saints was a fisherman by trade?
6.Which of our patron saints was executed by the emporer Diocletian for refusing to make a sacrifice to a pagan god?
7.Which of our patron saints spent six years as a slave before escaping and becoming a missionary?
8.Which of our patron saints' day is celebrated on 23rd April, 6th May or 23rd November depending on where you are in the world?
9.Which of the British patron saints is also patron saint for poets?
10.Which of our patron saints was born first?

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